Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Programmer's commerce site up, The Common Exchange!

I've been working on this for about a month now, but the site is stable at last, and works. It is not complete, but not much has to be done. The basic "just" of the site is working smoothly.

What it is:
The Common Exchange is a site where programmers can upload their programs for marketing them. They simply register with the site, select "Upload Your Program" from the side menu, and proceed with getting their program on! The site is the first of it's kind for the Parallax line of products, particularly the Propeller Chip, which has it's own paid OBEX (Object Exchange). At last Propeller Programmers have the chance to sell their objects, programs, or apps without having to have their own website or doing patchy selling on the Parallax forums. This isn't just for Propeller programmers, Basic Stamp and SX chip programmers can also upload, and the microcontroller selection is being increased to use Xmos, PIC, and the Arduino.

Click here to go to The Common Exchange website

Click the link above to go to the site. It is currently in working order, although there may be some changes being made as you browse it!