Thursday, January 14, 2010

Automation Project Part 2: Main Computing device Software Update 1

This is the part that must be done before the remote gets finished, as the system revolves around this central system.
The software so far features full SD card app support and file name search with filetype autodetect. Basically I wrote a SPIN program that allows you to select the "Apps" function from the main menu of the device, then choose to launch from a list of pre-programmed apps or to enter the file name of your custom one. The driver will let you enter a filename on the SD card. It then proceeds to check to make sure the file exists and then it checks to make sure the file is supported. You can enter .bin files (Binary Propeller Applications) or .wav files (High Quality music files) and it will respond with the proper built in driver. The way it runs propeller Applications (basically programs that are designed to run on the hardware included) is it uses a modifyed bootloader program, a program (not written by me) that is designed to be loaded to the non-volitle memory so that you just load your programs onto an SD card connected to the Propeller and you do not have to use a PropPlug to load your programs into the propeller memory. However, I changed it so that it can work as an object and load them on cue from a main program. This lets the system work like a computer, allowing it to run apps on the RAM without using any of the main program's memory. Then, to go back to the original state it simply resets and the RAM is emptyed. Now that the file systems on this are done, I will update next with the automation funcitons themselfs followed by the remote functions and communication syncing and so on.
There are no apparent errors. Originally the bootloader would not work but that was because I had to disable the current SD reader in the program to allow the SD reader in the bootloader access the SD card. That is fixed now.

This is all I have for now. Check back in a day or 2 for another update!! Also, be sure to comment on anything you want. I will gladly listen to requests and corrections/critisizem.

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