Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going wireless with Xbee!!

I've had a number of projects for some time that could be compleated (or made!) if only I had an easy to use, highly supported, Propeller-object connected wireless interface. Then my dream came true and Parallax started supplying Xbee modules!! I've just heard that I should be getting them any day now so I'm getting my projects ready! I've already written code for a tracking device that will utilize the Xbee module! As soon as I get them in I'll have some projects running! :-)


  1. Any luck with Xbee yet? Am curious to hear more about it. I'm currently working on interfacing Bluetooth to my Orangutan (ATmega168) but may go Xbee at some point... --Michael

  2. Yes, I have had luck with my Xbee. I have used several cheaper versions of wireless before, an none of them work like Xbee. I highly recommend it. If you are using simple point to point, then it is really easy to use. It is far cheaper then Bluetooth and just as reliable, so it is ideal if you are just communicating between micros. I have not used it with an ATmega, but it should work. I also like the Parallax Xbee adapter. It is a cheap soulution at $3. Good Luck!

  3. Hi Corbin,

    Best of luck with the xbee. If you're interested, check out another wireless solution we provide at Starman Electric. We sell DataBridge modules that make wireless even easier than xbee, and it supports more I/O. Although the cost is a bit higher.

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