Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What will you do to keep from checking the mail?

If you follow my regular posts on the Parallax forums then you probably know that I have been working on a job for Ken Gracy of Parallax Inc. He has hired me to build him a device that will tell him exactly when the mail has arrived, including the time that it has arrived and to show the current time. This is achieved by having a 2 part system, composing of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter simply has a pushbutton, 2 LEDs, and an Xbee radio. The receiver is technically more complicated, composing of an LCD, a 5 pos switch, and a board with an Xbee radio, RTC, relay controller for the screen, etc. The circuits have been completed, the devices have been enclosed in nice Mountain King Tech enclosures, and it is all ready to be sent out, exepting the LCD, which has not arrived yet.

Wish me luck on my first "official" job!

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